Balance the Bank Account: Find the Balancing Figure

Balance the Bank Account to find out how much money Jason has at the end of the month

Look at the account and calculate out how much each side totals. Then find the difference between the two sides. This is the balancing figure.

Type figures in the "post-it" note below

Date Details Amount Date Details Amount
December 1 Capital Account 40000 December 7 Rent Payable Account 20000
December 5 Sales Account 10000 December 12 Leasing Expenses Account 3500
December 8 Rent Receivable Account 4000 December 15 Wages Account 11000
December 21 Debtor - Hampstead Heath Party Hire Account 1800 December 17 Creditor - Flash Sales Limited Account 8000
December 24 Sales Account 15000 December 23 Drawings Account 4200
December 31 Sales Account 20000 December 29 Energy Expenses Account 3500

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